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Jul 31, 2014

Mixed Emotions launches in Cole’s Bookstore

Antonia Abbott launches the first part of her trilogy – Mixed Emotions – An Oxfordshire affair – guest blog by Janine Beattie 

I have never attended a book launch and I was so honoured to be invited and be part of something amazing.  I have known Antonia for a couple of years now and I didn’t know she was writing a book, so this was a wonderful surprise.  Of course I had to have a copy and I must add, I couldn’t put it down! 

Back to the launch!  On Wednesday 30th July, a charming bookstore in Bicester called Cole’s hosted the book launch. On a warm summer’s evening, the buzz of activity and the excitement was starting to pick up pace as guests arrived at Cole’s.   Everyone was offered drinks on arrival and the evening began in a relaxed and casual style as Antonia began signing books.   


This picture is one of my favourites as this was the first paperback sold in Cole’s!

Books were flying off the shelves faster than Antonia could sign them and the evening progressed well.  As a guest, I was looked after and made to feel welcome and relaxed.  I was a bit nervous if I am honest – Antonia is something of a celebrity!

You can see all the pictures of the evening on Facebook here.

The book is a trilogy about the Rowlands family based in Oxfordshire and sticking to her roots, the quaint bookstore in Crown Walk in Bicester was the perfect setting for a launch.   Mixed Emotions – An Oxfordshire Affair -  is a fantastic read.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading Antonia's first novel.  I love reading, but never have the time. However from the moment I picked up Mixed Emotions, I made the time because I couldn't put it down! It was such a great read and I loved the fact that you could relate to the characters so well. The story line was gripping and I can't wait for the other 2 books.

My final favourite picture is this one of Antonia and her husband Karl – it captured the afternoon so well, happy, and relaxed and enjoying every minute of it!

If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, you can here

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