Mixed Emotions - An Oxfordshire Affair

Susie Rowlands is a school secretary, young, lovely and with a taste for romance and the high life.

Swept off her feet by the heartless, feckless Jonathan, she soon finds herself in a world of trouble, out of work, out of money and out of love. It doesn’t help that her younger brother James seems to be having all the luck – a good degree, a happy relationship, and lots and lots of money. Will Susie’s own luck turn when she meets David? Does he have the right mixture of dependability, discipline and dash to attract Susie and help her get her life back on track? Every character in this delightful saga of Oxfordshire living seems to have some secret or other lurking in the cupboard – though some are decidedly darker than others. An unfolding story of family life, relationships and rash actions which keeps the reader engaged, involved and eager to know more right up until the cliff-hanger ending.

Mixed Emotions is the first in a trilogy following the story of this not-quite-ordinary family as they fall in and out of love, debt and disaster.

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