About Antonia Abbott

Antonia Abbott was born in Aylesbury, but lived in Lancashire until she was four years old. Her father was a senior civil servant with entrepreneurial tendencies, buying various businesses, which were then handed over to Antonia and her mother to look after. Antonia clearly inherited these tendencies, as she has turned her hand to many things, including working in a bookie’s office (owned by her mother as one of her father’s ventures) and running a country pub.

Privately educated in Berkshire, Antonia loathed school and spent as little time there as possible. Subsequently she has spent most of her life in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Happily married, Antonia still lives in Oxfordshire with her husband Karl, and their caramel and white rescue cat, Teddy. When not writing, Antonia runs a successful IFA practice.

Having always loved reading, Antonia had thought about writing for a long time, but had not had the courage to try. After a chance meeting with a professional writing coach, she decided to write her first book at 58, much to the delight of her husband, who had been telling her for years that she ought to write!

Apart from reading, Antonia enjoys eating out and entertaining, although by her own admission, cooking is not one of her favourite pastimes! She has a passion for cars, and enjoys touring Europe in her BMW convertible. Travelling is also high on the list and she can often be found relaxing on a beach whilst tapping away on her iPad. Formula 1 is another interest and in her late teens and early 20s, Antonia spent a lot of time motor racing marshalling, mainly at Silverstone and Thruxton. When the opportunity presents, she also enjoys dancing.

Antonia is also a collector, particularly of Derby porcelain. She has all sorts of pieces – some dating back to Sansome and Hancock, and on the other side of the scales, a considerable collection of the modern paperweights.  She will collect absolutely anything, and has to stop herself from buying! Her collection of silver pill boxes is unusual and fun, but at least they don’t take up much space!

She and her husband are very fond of frogs, and have a variety of stone ones adorning the garden, plus one or two in the house. Of course one mustn’t forget the Derby frog paperweights.