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Hello and welcome to the home of Antonia Abbott - Author of Emotions Trilogy

The complete Emotions Trilogy is now available as e-books or paperbacks.

They tell the story of an Oxfordshire based family, the Rowlands, with their various ups and downs in life, and lurking skeletons.

Mixed Emotions - An Oxfordshire Affair - centres on Susie, Peter and Annabelle's rather spoilt daughter, who leads a somewhat complicated life.  Perhaps she'll remind you of someone?

As the title suggests, Heightened Emotions - An Oxfordshire Wedding - concentrates on wedding plans, with an interesting assortment of mischief-makers trying to cause trouble along the way.

Enduring Emotions - An Oxfordshire Tragedy is the final book in the Emotions Trilogy.  Drama, despair and delight all continue to play their part in the unfolding lives of the wealthy Rowlands family. 



Antonia Abbott - An Oxfordshire Affair